Agios Efrosinos

  • Welcome to Agios Efrosinos
and to a unique gastronomical delight!

    Welcome to Agios Efrosinos
    and to a unique gastronomical delight!

  • Taste delicious traditional Greek dishes…

    Taste delicious traditional Greek dishes…


    …cooked by Michalis Damianos.

For Michalis

The Agios Efrosinos Tavern has existed continuously as a Cook shop for fifty years, run by the Gerou family from the 1950’s until the year 2000. In 2007 Michalis Damianos assumed ownership. He completely renovated the space in an unusual and interesting way, shaping it as an old time Grocery – Cook shop. Thus re-creating a mood of the past that is simple and…

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The Saint of Cooks

September 11th is the commemoration day of Saint Efrosinos, our father or patron saint.

Saint Efrosinos, an illiterate and coarse man, left the secular world and entered a monastery where he was ordained as a monk. Despised by his fellow monks for his simplicity and lack of culture…

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Our Menu

sardela 3_tmbFind out a sample of our menu. Our tavern offers delicious homemade, traditional Greek dishes, accompanied by good company and good local wine.

They are cooked by Michalis with the best, quality produce, always fresh and always in season. The secret in our recipies is that we cook them with a lot of love.

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